Retour Departure formalities

The day of your departure (imperatively between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.):

®Bedrooms: fold duvets or blankets.

Living room/kitchen:

®Fridge: turn off the fridge, defrost the fridge and leave the door open

®Dishes: clean, dried and tidy

®Gas hob: cleaned

®Drip coffee machine emptied and cleaned:

®Microwave cleaned

®Waste: empty the bins in selective sorting: packaging of all kinds and bulk plastic yellow bin, household waste brown bin, glass in the green container and food in the compost or farm animals.

(the containers are at the entrance of the campsite)

®Bathroom: lift and clean the shower drain,

®WC: empty the bin.

®All rooms: general cleaning, empty cupboards and leave them open, floor cleaned.

A cleaning kit is offered.

A vacuum cleaner is available at reception.

®Exterior: clean the table.

Leave the windows ajar.

Please make an appointment no later than the day before your departure for the inventory.

We take the greatest care in the maintenance of our rentals, we thank you for the respect you bring to the cleaning before your departure.