Retour Rental

The day of your arrival

Check that the rental is in good working order and cleanliness and report any anomalies to us as soon as possible and before 7 p.m.
We pay great attention to the preparation of your rental, we thank you for your kindness by informing us quickly in case of forgetfulness or malfunction.

During your stay

Parasol (depending on model): it must be closed when you are away from the campsite, because here, the weather conditions can change very quickly. (Gust of wind, storm).

Barbecue: the use of barbecues must not be done near the cladding of the rentals.

Electric vehicle: It is prohibited and dangerous to plug an electric vehicle into a mobile home socket (see information in the viewport).
Tobacco: It is forbidden to smoke in the rental. The deposit will be completely withdrawn in the event of a smell of tobacco in the rental.

Mobile homes:

Toilets: Autonomous wastewater treatment station: Do not throw anything in the toilet except toilet paper (sanitary towels, wipes: use the trash can in the toilet)

Heating: heating billing is done after meter reading, remember to turn the heating off or on to a minimum when you are not in the mobile home.


A jerry can is at your disposal to have water available in your rental.

Use of the common sanitary area:
Toilets: Independent wastewater treatment plant: Do not throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper (sanitary towels, wipes: use the trash can in the toilet)
Please inform us if you observe any damage/dirt so that we can intervene quickly for the respect of all.

The day of your departure (imperatively between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.)

Bedrooms: fold duvets or blankets.

Living room/kitchen:
- Fridge: turn off the fridge, defrost the fridge and leave the door open
- Dishes: clean, wiped and tidy
- Gas hob: cleaned
- Filter coffee machine emptied and cleaned:
- Microwave cleaned

Waste: empty the bins in selective sorting:
- packaging of all kinds and bulk plastic yellow bin,
- brown garbage can household waste,
- glass in the green container,
- food in the compost or farm animals.
(the containers are at the entrance of the campsite)

All rooms: general cleaning, empty cupboards and leave them open, floor cleaned.
A cleaning kit is offered.
A vacuum cleaner is available at reception.

Outside: clean the table.

Leave the windows open.

Mobile homes

Bathroom: lift and clean the shower drain.
WC: empty the trash can.


Empty the water jerrycan.

Please make an appointment no later than the day before your departure for the inventory.
We take the greatest care in the maintenance of our rentals, we thank you for the respect you bring to the cleaning before your departure.

We wish you a pleasant stay !

Informations et services locatifs :

Vous pouvez prendre l’option ménage de fin de séjour à 50€ pour les 4 à 7 places ou 60€ pour les 6 à 8 places. L’option exclus la vaisselle et les poubelles. Il y aura aussi un état des lieux avant départ.

La caution sera restitué après état des lieux.

Les animaux ne doivent pas rester seuls enfermé dans le locatif pendant votre absence. Nous avons des contacts pour du dog sitting à l’accueil si vous souhaitez faire garder votre animal le temps de votre visite/restau ou autre !

Mobilhomes : Le chauffe-eau et les feux de cuissons fonctionnent au gaz, en cas d’urgence la procédure pour couper l’arrivée de gaz est indiquée dans la porte du chauffe eau.

La barrière d’entrée du camping est active entre 8h et 23h. En dehors de ces horaires l’entrée et sortie de véhicule n’est pas possible.