Retour Visitors

VISITORS 2€/person/day

Visitors must go to the reception to register and pay their entrance fee. 
Under no circumstances will they be able to take advantage of the swimming 
pool facilities for reasons of insurance and liability of the managers.

Any non-accommodated person being caught in the presence of the swimming pool will result in their immediate
 exclusion as well as that of the people they have come to visit and this without any compensation.

Visits are authorized between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Outside these hours, access is only reserved 
for campsite customers. Vehicles must be parked in the outdoor car park.

These measures are taken for obvious reasons of security and attendance control on our site. 
They are non-negotiable and we have the authority to exclude or refuse access to anyone
 who does not accept these conditions.