Retour Electric Car

You, who have made the choice to acquire an electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle that respects the environment, know that we congratulate you.

Important info:
Never connect your vehicle to an outlet in the accommodation or on your campsite.

This for two reasons:

A risk of loss can arise during the loading of the vehicle on your vehicle as well as on the rental. The insurance will not cover damage following a connection to a non-dedicated socket.
Your rental or your camping pitch does not include refills for your vehicle.

We therefore invite you to go to the reception to find out about the various charging stations in the surrounding towns as you would at any gas station to fill up.

See the map of charging stations

In the event of non-compliance with this provision, you will be automatically invoiced a lump sum of €300 per charge noted.
Method: 0.2 excl. tax minute charge + 20% VAT x 60 min x 20H Package + €12 management.

Thank you for your understanding.