The campsite is open from April 1 to October 31, 2023

Committed to the environment

We offer a wooded campsite on a natural site and attach great importance to environmental protection. We engage in eco-responsible actions in the maintenance of our campsite to preserve our environment. Every little action helps! Let’s each try to follow a few and easy rules during your holidays!


Selective waste sorting

We sort waste and everything is ready to make your sorting a piece of cake.

Three sorting trays :

  • The yellow bin is for plastic waste, packaging (even soiled), cardboard, paper, aluminium cans: please compress your waste
  • The brown bin is for non-recyclable waste
  • The glass bin : is for bottles, jars without lids, etc

Bins are available around the campsite; the glass dumpster stands at the entrance of the campsite. Displays provide information about how bins should be used.



We offer a composting area with a bin for you to throw UNCOOKED food leftovers. These include peelings, eggshells, leftovers of uncooked fruits and vegetables – WITHOUT PAPER only

Animals will be delighted as you approach their pens with food leftovers!

Do not throw cooked food leftovers or meat in the pens!

We provide a bucket for bread leftovers. Please refrain from giving it to animals: too much bread won’t do them any good!


But also…

  • We have equipped our rentals and sanitary facilities with low-consumption light bulbs. We have installed solar lamps to manage traffic on the campsite.

  • We prefer ecological or natural products for cleaning, although sometimes we must make do with regular ones, e.g., anticovid products.

  • We use the clippings for mulching our hedges (avoid the use of weedkillers and feed the trees) and feeding goats; the rest goes to composting.

  • Dead leaves are picked up and given to a neighbour who follows a permaculture approach.

  • Hedge cuts are composted.

  • Compost is used for our land and plantations.